India’s Majiziya Bhanu wins World Powerlifting Championship

India’s Majiziya Bhanu won a gold medal at the World Powerlifting Championship 2019 in Moscow.

With an impressive array of medals under her belt, the 25-year-old strong-woman Majiziya from Kerala won in the 56 kg weight class for the World Powerlifting Championship.

‘Thank you so-much. Hundreds of people supported me,” Majiziya said in a Facebook live .

Majiziya also went on to win a gold medal at the same championship last year in Moscow .

In two and half years since she began her career, Majiziya has already won many international and national medals in Powerlifting and arm-wrestling, while also continuing her dental training. 

Mazjiya also participated in the 40th World-Arm wrestling championship in Turkey in 2018.

Majiziya who is also a dental surgeon from Kozhikode, can always be spotted wearing her hijab, be it at practice sessions or during competitions.

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