Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Israeli forces raids Al-Shifa second time within 24 hours, conduct strip searches

Israeli occupation forces tonight raided the Al-Shifa hospital, west of Gaza City, for the second time within 24 hours, Wafa News Agency reported on Thursday morning.

The Israeli military has installed facial recognition cameras and electric gates in the courtyard of al-Shifa Hospital after raiding its radiology, surgical and emergency buildings.

The troops also interrogated doctors, patients and displaced people. Some were subjected to strip searches, and several people were subsequently arrested.

Israel is yet to respond about the result of their 12-hour-long search operation in which they killed civilians and detained dozens.

Al Jazeera reported that About 30 people were reportedly taken out into the courtyard, stripped of their clothes, blindfolded and interrogated by Israeli soldiers. Israeli forces have also blown up a warehouse of medicine and medical devices.

Fox News reporter, who has been accompanying the Israeli military in its offensive into #Gaza, has reported that he’s at Al Shifa Hospital.


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