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Kerala landslide: Kids found in each other under debris

Since the heavy rainfall in Kerala’s Kokkayar, six children of Siyad’s family have been missing. And while removing the muddy debris in Kokkayar of Kerala, the rescue team found bodies of three children in each others’ arms. Amna (7), Afsan (8) and Ahiyan (4) hugged each other in their death.

Beside a baby in the cradle, Siyad’ wife Fauziya’s (28) body was found hugging her child, Ameen(10). “While taking the bodies in each other’s arms, it pained unbearably,” a rescue member says to a Malayalam news channel.

Fauziya and her children Amna and Ameen came to Idukki, to attend a relative’s wedding. And Afsan and Ahiyan were the children of Fauziya’s brother, Faisal.

Before the landslide turned down their lives and home, Fauziya had sent her relative a video where muddy water can be seen flowing through their compound.

According to reports, a total of eight members were initially reported missing.

By Sunday evening, six bodies, including 55-year-old Shaji’s body, were found.

Three year old Sachu, Shahul’s second child’s body has also been finally found. Sachu slipped to death while rescuing. Fortunately, Shahul’s six other family members were successfully rescued.

Of the eight lives lost, six are of children.
The dead bodies have been shifted to Medical College Hospital in Kottayam.

According to reports till Monday, death toll due to landslides and flash floods have risen to 27, with Kottayam reporting the highest, 14. Death rates of Idukki are 10, Thiruvananthapuram 2 and one in kozhikode.

More than 2500 people have been moved to rehabilitation camps in the state as of Monday morning.

The state government has announced an ex-gratia of Rs 4 lakh to the families of people who were killed in rain-related calamities.


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