Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kerala: SFI members wave black flag, shout “RSS Governor, go back”; Khan responds with “bloody criminals, come”

On Monday, when Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan was on his way to Thiruvananthapuram International Airport to catch a flight to Delhi, a group of Students Federation of India (SFI) members showed him black flags, going close to his car and shouting slogans “RSS governor go back!”

Irked by the protest, Khan disembarked his car and walked towards the protesters and said, “Bloody criminals, come.”

Turning towards the cops, Khan said, “How did they come near me? Who is the police officer here? They (protesters) are criminals hitting my car.”

He went on to say: “…When I got down, the police sent them into the car and they ran away. What can the poor police do when the CM is directing them. It is the CM who is conspiring. I am clearly saying that he is sending these people to hurt me physically… It is not the job of the chief minister to conspire to hurt me physically…”

SFI, the left student body has been showing Khan black flags, accusing him of filling up University senates with “Sangh Parivar men.”


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