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Kerala singer faces hate campaign after reminding KS Chithra of Ram temple built after Babri demolition

In Kerala, the award-winning singer-composer Sooraj Santhosh faced a hate campaign from Hindu nationalists and groups for criticising legendary playback singer K.S. Chithra’s endorsement of reciting the Ram mantra and lighting a lamp on the day of the Ram Temple consecration in Ayodhya.

Chithra, in a video on Monday, encouraged observing the consecration day on January 22 and was seen receiving ‘akshatam’ from Ayodhya in another social media video.

Sooraj Santhosh expressed his criticism, stating, “She forgets that the temple was constructed after demolishing the mosque. Icons are waiting to break down, one after another. How many Chithras are waiting to show their true color?”

Following his Instagram post criticising Chithra and highlighting the demolition of Babri Masjid by a Hindu mob, Sooraj Santhosh experienced an influx of hate comments and threats from right-wing Hindu users on his social media posts.

In response to the hate campaign, Sooraj clarified, “I criticised K.S. Chithra for her position on the Ayodhya Ram temple, not her personal or professional credentials. My stance is political, rooted in the belief that everything related to Ayodhya, including its demolition, is political.”

The 35-year-old, known for leading the music band Masala Coffee and winning the Kerala State Film Award for best singer in 2016, emphasized his intention to take legal action against cyber threats.

Facing relentless cyber attacks, Sooraj stated, “This time it has turned more vicious and abusive. I will be taking legal action against the perpetrators, and I appreciate the strong support from those who believe in democracy. Thank you all for standing for justice.”


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