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Mukul Roy’s return triggered Suvendu Adhikari for assembly seating arrangements

Previous Krishnanagar Uttar MLA Mukul Roy returned to Trinamool Congress, who was actually worked for his elevation in the west bengal assembly. Mukul was apportion a seat in the front row besides the opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari. And that’s when the Opposition Leader aggressively arguing of the cancellation of assembly membership of Mukul Roy under Anti defection law.

Mukul was initially apportion to the 42nd seat in the third row beside BJP chief Whip Manoj Tigga and BJP’s Natabihari MLA Mihir Goswami on the first day of Budget Session, he was brought to the front row and apportion to the 15th seat besides the opposition leaders.

Mukul’s Upgrading is seen as a step forward towards his getting the envied public accounts committee chairman’s post as per the speaker has deciding role in both actions. Resolving seating arrangements of MLAs and also that PAC chairman.

According to the assembly session, MLAs ignored the sight of Mukul Roy sitting besides
the bête noire Adhikari and latter didn’t attend for the assembly session that was suspended after obituaries on Monday. Mukul, on the other hand contradictory, and was attending in the House catching up with ruling party MLAs as a member of Public accounts committe.

BJP’S 77 MLAs came down to 75 after two MPs, Nishit Pramanik and Jagannath Sarkar, who had won the assembly polls and later on resigned the assembly polls as MLAs saying this as a cause that they chose to continue as MPs. BJP suffered a bump as soon Mukul returned to Trinamool Congress though he won assembly polls on a BJP Ticket.

BJP didn’t include the Mukul’s name on the list that had Ashok Lahiri, Suvendu Adhikari, Bankim Ghosh and Ambika Roy. Nikhil Ranjan Dey, Tarun Maiti and Vivekananda Baury who have all become the PAC members.

BJP’s Bagda MLA Biswajit Das’s called on Trinamool Chief Whip Nirmal Ghosh in his assembly chamber, sparking conjecture if BJP was labeling for the similar development in Bengal.

But Das was derided for such conjecture “I am an MLA. I can meet anybody” he said. The Bagda MLA, Das had flout the party Whip on signing the attendance register on the assembly session’s opening day. BJP MLA Das didn’t put forward any explanation for his act.

Atika Sayeed
Atika Sayeed
Atika Sayeed is a journalism student in Kolkata.

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