Sunday, December 10, 2023

Navi Mumbai: COVID-19 patient kept in ambulance for one day for want of bed, dies

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Family of a 64-year-old man who died due to coronavirus infection in Navi Mumbai has said that he had to be kept in an ambulance for a whole day before he could be admitted to a hospital, PTI reported.

According to the news agency, when he was finally admitted, the family did not have the money to buy an injection that cost Rs 32,000 and died on June 25.

“He developed coughing and breathing problem on June 20. We took him to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s (NMMC) COVID hospital at Vashi. There was no bed with oxygen supply available, so I was asked to go to another hospital I asked them to tell us where to go, but they did not guide us and only said go to a private hospital,” his son told PTI.

The son also sai after a few hospitals refused to admit him, he called a cardiac ambulance and put his father in it because he needed oxygen support.

The next day the man was admitted to a private hospital in Kopar Khairane.

When the doctors told him that his father would need an injection which cost around Rs 32,000, he approached the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation for help, but the authorities said they could not do anything, he told the news agency.

He also alleged that even after death, it took three hours for the arrival of the hearse and there was no attendant with it.

“I and my brother-in-law donned PPE kits and took the body for last rites,” he said.

Both father and son were performers in a music band in Mumbai.

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