Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Outrage as student organisations condemn ABVP assault on EFLU Hyderabad students

Students who are members of the Fraternity Movement in English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad were allegedly beaten up by members of the RSS’s student wing, ABVP, inside the campus, student organisations alleged.

“Fraternity EFLU’s members Rasal and Aslin were attacked by ABVP goondas Vishwajeet Singh, Gaurav, Jyotisatyam, and others,” read a statement by half a dozen student groups, including NSUI, MSF, DISHA, Fraternity Movement, DSA, and EFLU Students Collective.

“This specific incident happened during the Human chain conducted by the student community against the roguery by ABVP in the university GBM conducted on 9/2/24, Friday. Also, one of the survivors was threatened by the attackers in a public WhatsApp group. This proves that the student community is living under the continuous threat of ABVP,” the student groups said.

The student groups added, “Almost an hour after their aggressive act, as the student community watched, a few ABVP members rushed into the health center in an attempt to cook up a false narrative of being the victims themselves, as is their usual practice. The university ambulance was provided to the ABVP students within minutes, and they departed campus, indicating they were heading to a different hospital. It was after several requests that the actually attacked students were given a reference from the health center to get external medical care.”

SFI EFLU unit stated, “We strongly condemn the hooliganism and the violent brand of politics displayed by ABVP. The university administration must take immediate and strong disciplinary and legal actions against the ABVP members who attacked and injured the students of the university. We also condemn the negligent attitude of the health center staff and the university administration towards the injured students.”


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