Monday, December 11, 2023

Popular YouTuber Karl Rock claims India ‘blacklisted’ him, moves HC to come back to wife

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Popular YouTuber Karl Rock alleged that the Indian government has blocked his entry into the country and added his name to the blacklist, separating him from his wife and family in Delhi.

Karl Rock, the content creator on YouTube, who make videos on travel safety and travel destinations and help people to avoid scams, is a Newzealand originated Delhiite in India.

Rock said that he has not been provided with a reason why his name was added to the blacklist.

In a Twitter post, tagging New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Rock said, “Dear Jacinda Ardern, the Govt. of India has blocked me from entering India separating me from my wife and family in Delhi. They blacklisted me without telling me, giving reasons, or letting me reply.”

He met an Indian woman named Manisha Malik in October, 2014 at Delhi and got married in April, 2019. When he left India for another travel for Dubai and Pakistan in October 2020, the Indian government cancelled his visa when he had already left through the New Delhi International Airport and they left no explanation to him. When Karl got back to Dubai and applied for a new visa, this time they called him to the Indian High Commission in Dubai to inform him that he has been blacklisted from getting visa for India and they cannot help him to issue a new visa to return India.

Karl alleged that he tried plenty of mails to the Home Ministry but he was ignored every single time. His wife Manisha turned up at the Home Ministry’s doorstep at Delhi but they didn’t help her and ignored. Back then Karl decided to wrote to Indian High Commissioner in Wellington but they turned out to being ignorant. When he sent a follow-up mail written “Please Help” he got nothing but to be ignored, karl said.

During all of this, his wife Manisha had COVID for the second time, and he wanted to go back to India, so he tried again there (Indian High Commission) and wrote “Please help me. I have to get back to my wife” but still this time he was ignored and disregard. Karl said he was worried about his wife. He was anxious because the hospital they went has claimed 25 critical patients lost their life for lacked and unavailability of Oxygen and his wife was admitted to the same hospital named Jaipur Golden Hospital.

It has been 8 months on which the Indian government has not yet responded, the question is still the same “why was he blacklisted from taking visa?” but he is being ignored in all the process, all the way. Before somebody is blacklisted they’re meant to be given a right of reply and time to reply and a genuine respond, and this didn’t happened to Karl, he alleged.

On Friday, Karl and his wife filed a petition in the High Court of Delhi, asking for help and his name to be removed from the blacklist. He said he and His wife believe in Indian judiciary
and hoping for a fair decision and to review his blacklisting.

Meanwhile, Union Home Ministry officials told news agency PTI that the New Zealand national has been restricted from entering India till the next year for violating the terms and conditions of his visa.

Last year in July, Karl was parised by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal after he donated plasma at a Delhi government plasma bank during the first Covid wave.

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Atika Sayeed
Atika Sayeed
Atika Sayeed is a journalism student in Kolkata.

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