Friday, March 1, 2024

Student group declares full-day strike at Jamia Millia in remembrance of Babri Masjid on 22 Jan

Protesting the announced Union government holiday in celebration of the Ram temple event, the student group Fraternity Movement JMI at Jamia Millia Islamia has urged the student community not to attend classes after 2:30 pm on January 22, marking a remembrance of Babri Masjid.

In a statement, the group characterised this as a “students’ strike of classes and reading halls against JMI’s Hindutva appeasement.”

The statement asserted, “JMI admin wants us to take a half-day holiday to celebrate a blood-soaked temple launch on 22nd January, to appease a Sanghi government for their Hindutva project.”

“FRATERNITY JMI calls on the student community to not return to any class or library even after 2:30 pm for the full day, in remembrance of Babri Masjid, and in resistance to injustice,” the statement further emphasised.

The Ram temple stands where the historic Babri Masjid, which was torn down by a mob of Hindu nationalists led by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party on 6 December, 1992, earlier stood. The construction began after the Supreme Court of India on 9 November 2019 ordered the entire land to be allocated for the temple, granting amnesty to the perpetrators of the mosque demolition.


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