“Suspect it was a hate crime,” says family of Indian student shot dead in Toronto

A day after the death of a 21-year-old student Kartik Vasudev in Canada’s Toronto, his family said that they will knock every possible door for justice.

Kartik Vasudev, a resident of Ghaziabad, was shot dead outside a subway station in Toronto on Thursday evening.

“We are as clueless about Kartik’s death as we were on the first day. I have received no phone call from the Embassy or Canadian authorities. He was the only one killed and there seems to be silence around it. I feel everyone wants to let the issue die down but I will knock every possible door for justice,” Kartik’s father Jitesh Vasudev said to Indian Express.

The family has been told by local Canadian journalists that Kartik was shot eight times, the newspaper reported.

The father of the deceased further said they suspect it was a hate crime.

Jitesh said: “His bag was left behind and it seems so far that it was not a robbery. It is possible it was a hate crime. All we want is someone to answer our questions. No one is telling us why a young boy was shot dead.”

The family had been told that Kartik’s body will take nearly six days to reach India, but Jitesh said to Indian Express that their visas need to be expedited so they can reach Canada at the earliest.

“There is no government intervention. They should facilitate our travel to Canada so I can demand justice there. I want to visit that spot personally and see that the guilty person is punished. We always felt that countries like these are very safe but that is not the case,” he added.

As per Canadian officials, the perpetrator is yet to be arrested.

“A man had been shot at the Glen Road entrance of Sherbourne Subway Station. The man received medical attention by an off-duty paramedic. The man had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,” read a statement by the Toronto Police.