Monday, April 22, 2024

Twitter suspends account of Muslim journalist Ahmed Khabeer

Ahmed Khabeer, a young Muslim journalist who has been reporting on human rights abuses and Islamophobia in India, was suspended from Twitter.

Ahmed Khabeer is the founding editor of The Jamia Times, a news website.

Ahmed said he woke up on 22 December to read a notice from Twitter that his account had been “suspended after careful review.”

No reason was given despite the assurance that he could appeal the suspension if he thought the decision was wrong, Ahmed said to Maktoob.

Ahmed’s account is verified on Twitter.

“In yet another demonstration of Islamophobia in india, there is no outcry over Twitter’s arbitrary suspension of our editor Ahmed Khabeer,” read a statement from The Jamia Times.

Many journalists took to Twitter to demand immediate revocation of the suspension.


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