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Two days after Israeli forces pronounced him dead, Abu Shujaa appears ‘alive’ in Tulkarm

Earlier this week, Israeli occupation forces carried out a brutal three-day raid of Tulkarm’s Nour Shams refugee camp. During the onslaught, Israeli soldiers carried out mass arrests to end rebellious movements in the occupied West Bank.

At least 14 Palestinians were killed and dozens detained by Israeli forces throughout the incursion.

It was earlier announced that the commander of al-Quds Brigades – Tulkarm Brigade, Mohammad Jaber (Abu Shujaa), was also killed during the raid after an hours-long confrontation with the occupation forces. Abu Shujaa was mourned in a statement by the resistance network on Friday. Palestinian social media groups and users shared the news and started lamenting the loss of the prominent Resistance leader.

However, a voice note went viral among social media platforms of resistance groups, with the speaker claiming to be Abu Shujaa, stating that he was still alive and that he managed to escape the Israeli siege while making them think he was killed.

Nevertheless, there was no way to confirm that the message was indeed recorded by him, until Sunday, when dramatic moments unfolded in Tulkarm.

To everyone’s surprise, as the funeral processions of the martyrs took place in the camp on Sunday, Abu Shujaa appeared among the crowd.

The masses while mourning the loss of their loved ones, took a moment to rejoice in the return of their leader.

Social media users started sharing footage of his appearance, highlighting it as a blow to the Israeli security and intelligence establishment.

In a video that went viral, after he was congratulated for his safe return, Abu Shuja was asked about his message to the occupation.

The Resistance leader responded: “[My] message is that we defied the occupation, and [i] am still alive, and God willing will continue in the path of the martyrs. And no matter how many of us [Resistance fighters] they assassinate, we will move forward until victory.”

He revealed that the Israeli occupation forces are concealing casualties, including both fatalities and injuries, resulting from the confrontations with the Resistance in the Nour Shams camp.

Further, he addressed Resistance forces and Palestinians both in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as the Palestinian diaspora across the globe. “God willing, we will not fail you,” he said as he urged them to continue marching down the same path.


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