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UP polls 2022: Peace Party, Rashtriya Ulama Council launch alliance

Dr Ayub and Maulana Rashadi while addressing reporters at a press meet in Lucknow.

The Rashtriya Ulama Council (RUC) of Maulana Aamir Rashadi and the Peace Party led by Dr Mohammad Ayub on Tuesday announced the launch of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) for the 2022 UP assembly polls.

“Secular political parties are using Muslims as a vote bank. The successive state governments led by secular political parties did not work for the welfare and uplift of the Muslim community,” Dr Ayub and Maulana Rashadi said while addressing reporters at a press meet in Lucknow.

The Peace Party who had secured victory in four assembly segments in the 2012 assembly polls, has influence among the weavers’ community settled in East Uttar Pradesh.

Party’s head Ayub said that the UDA will raise the demand of the rights and justice of the Muslim community in the election campaign.

“The alliance will also fight to free the Muslim community from political slavery. To check division of Muslim votes, the like-minded political parties are welcomed in the UDA fold,” he said.

Ayub alleged that the secular parties have failed to give a share to the Muslim community in power after forming government.

Maulana Rashadi also urged “the other political parties representing the oppressed or deprived sections in the society” to join the alliance.

The RUC has a support base in Azamgarh district.

In 2017, RUC had declared 84 candidates but just before one month from the elections, RUC decided to support BSP to keep away SP and BJP from power and supported the BSP candidates in the elections on rest of the seats.

RUC participated in the Uttar Pradesh 2012 assembly polls, contesting 100 seats out of 401. The party did not win any seats, but they secured nearly 6 lakh (600,000) votes.

Rashadi went on to say: “The UDA will work to remove the communal forces from power. The people are harassed by the anti–people policies of the BJP government in UP. The alliance will work to resolve the issues, including inflation, unemployment, poverty, corruption, communalism, check discrimination on religion and castes.”


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