Wednesday, May 29, 2024

VHP demands sprinkling of cow urine at Garba events to prevent “love jihad”

Hindu Right-wing outfit Vishwa Hindu Parishad has demanded that the entrants to the Garba grounds be applied tilak on their foreheads and sprinkled with cow urine as a way of separating the Hindus from the non-Hindus.

The demand that has been made since 2015 was recalled by VHP Gujarat spokesperson Hitendrasinh Rajput.

Garba, a Gujarati traditional dance, is performed during the Navratri festival.

Meanwhile, VHP General Secretary Surendra Jain on Sunday said that Aadhaar card should be made mandatory for participation in garba and dandiya events to prevent “love jihad”.

He asserted that ensuring the safety of “our women” is necessary and those who do not have faith in the Hindu religion must not be allowed to participate in the celebrations.

Several instances of hate crimes against Muslims are reported during Hindu festivals for participating or being present at the events related to it.

On October 7, the group infamous for the 2002 Gujarat genocide urged the state government to ensure that even service providers at Garba events are not Muslims.


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