Sunday, December 10, 2023

“We are drinking polluted war”: Threat of diseases as Palestinians forced to consume brackish water

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The lack of drinking water in Gaza due to Israel cutting off water pipelines since 7 October is pushing people to drink brackish water, raising concern about the spread of waterborne diseases, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees has warned.

The UNRWA has said there is severely limited access to clean drinking water.

“For the fifth consecutive day, Gaza has had no electricity, pushing vital services, including health, water and sanitation to the brink of collapse, and worsening food insecurity,” the agency said on Monday.

It added that Israeli air strikes have impacted 23 Unrwa installations across the Gaza Strip and that an overwhelming 1m internally displaced people is rendering the agency “no longer able to assist or protect.”

“The occupation cut off water to the Gaza Strip from the first day of the aggression,” a resident said, Middle East Eye reported.

The resident went on to say: “Electricity stations also stopped completely, plunging people into darkness since the beginning of the aggression, which led to the water wells and desalination plants for drinking gradually stopping until they ran out. O people of conscience: Immediately stop this fierce war against humanity, which violates all earthly and heavenly laws.”

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