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Video | We are never going to remove our hijab: Karanataka Muslim students

“We are never going to remove our hijab,” Aysha Nourin, a first-year student of RN Shetty college, told Maktoob.

Many colleges across Karnataka have notified Muslim students to remove their hijab to enter their classes.

Karnataka Minority Commission asked the state government to maintain status quo, until the court resolves the issue.

“Hijab is my right. We are going to fight for our rights,” she said.

“Hijab is our right. No one has the right to take it away from us. We asked if teachers have problems? Teachers said they have no problem with the hijab. We asked students. They said they had no problem. Only govt has a problem,” a group of Muslim students in Karnataka said.

Following the hijab ban in Udupi college, another college, Government Pre-University College in Kundapura, some 40 km away from Udupi, has also banned hijab-clad Muslim students from attending classes on Thursday.

However, unlike the college in Udupi, girls in Kundapura were not even permitted inside the campus.

Dr. B.B Hegde College and Bhandarkars Art and Science College are also restricting students with headscarves. But since they are private colleges, media attention has been low.

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