Monday, December 4, 2023

Vizhinjam protesters attack police station; 27 cops injured, 2 police jeeps set on fire

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Tense situation in Kerala’s port town Vizhinjam after protesters attacked a police station injuring at least 27 cops and setting two police jeeps on fire.

The turmoil began on Saturday after protesters against port development by the Adani group blocked trucks carrying construction materials. It led to clashes and 21 people sustained injuries.

Police named Latin archdiocese archbishop Dr Thomas J Netto as the prime accused in the case registered over the clash. Some of them were also arrested.

This provoked protesters, mostly Christians to barge into the Vizhinjam police station on Sunday, demanding the release of five detainees.

Police officers have sustained grievous injuries, MediaOne TV reports live from the Government hospital in Trivandrum.

More police are deployed from nearby stations to maintain law and order. About 5000 protesters, answering calls by Catholic priests, have reached the region.

The fresh protests in Vizhinjam started in August this year under the leadership of Trivandrum Latin Archdiocese.

The protestors want the government to stop the project and study the impact on the shores.

(This is a developing story…)

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