Friday, March 1, 2024

X suspends Hindutva Watch’s account in India following legal demand from Union govt

The X account of Hindutva Watch, a research initiative to monitor reports of attacks on members of religious minorities in India, was withheld in India on Tuesday in response to a legal demand from Union government.

“Today, our @X account was withheld in India following a legal demand from the Government of India. Three hours after the withholding of our account, we received an email from X notifying us of this action,” said Raqib Hameed Naik, founder of Hindutva Watch.

Naik said: “While shocking, it’s not surprising, considering Prime Minister Modi regime’s history of suppressing free press & critical voices.This won’t deter us! We remain committed! The suppression of our account in India only fuels our determination to continue our work undeterred.”

Founded by journalist Naik in 2021, Hindutva Watch focuses on tracking hate crimes and human rights abuses committed by Hindu nationalists and Hindutva militia groups in India.

Hindutva Watch has been employing a real-time data collection methodology to track and catalog instances of violent attacks, hate speech, and human rights violations against communities based on their faith, including Muslims, Christians, and Dalit, Adivasi and Bahujans.

Since its inception, Hindutva Watch has documented and cataloged over 1,500 instances.


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