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Watch: “Feel Like a Panther”: Arivu and Ambassa’s poignant tribute to Ambedkar

In their latest release “Feel Like a Panther,” rapper, lyricist, and playback singer Arivu and Ambassa’s collaboration pays homage to B. R. Ambedkar on his 134th anniversary with stirring vocals and poignant lyrics.

“Feel the spirit of the panther coursing through your veins as you delve into the profound wisdom of Babasaheb Dr. BR Ambedkar! From the esteemed House of Arivu & The Ambassa emerges the Feel like a Panther Music Video, a poignant tribute to the eminent scholar on the occasion of his 134th Anniversary,” read the description.

It further read: “Join us in honoring the multifaceted Ambedkar, hailed as the Architect of the Indian Constitution, the Civil Rights Activist of the Century, the visionary behind the Reserve Bank of India, an advocate for Universal Adult Suffrage, and a revered Philosopher of Affirmative Action. Through the electrifying rhythms of FEEL LIKE A PANTHER, an enthralling rock anthem, we pay homage to his enduring legacy that transcends time. As a socio-economic luminary, Ambedkar championed progressive reforms, including the establishment of 8-hour labor shifts, the enactment of Equal pay for both male and female laborers, the relentless advocacy for Women’s equal rights in property and marriage, the introduction of Paid Maternal leave for Pregnant Mothers, pivotal contributions to the formation of the Backward Classes Commission, and the propagation of a spiritual revolution through Navayana Buddhism.”

“Let us collectively immerse ourselves in his illustrious heritage and commemorate his steadfast dedication to the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Embrace, subscribe, and share this stirring tribute to Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar as we echo his timeless message across generations,” it added.



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