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M Mukundan’s ‘Delhi: A Soliloquy’ wins JCB Prize for Literature 2021

‘Delhi: A Soliloquy’ by Malayalam writer M Mukundan has won the 2021 JCB Prize for literature.

JCB Prize is the most expensive Indian award for writing. While Mukundan will receive a prize amount of Rs 25 lakh, Fathima and Nandakumar will receive an amount of Rs 10 lakh.

The novel was originally written in Malayalam and was translated into English by Fathima EV and Nandakumar K.

Mukundan said receiving the award was a great moment and one that he will cherish.

“I dedicate this award to the poor people on the streets of Delhi,” Mukundan said.

First published in 2011 as Delhi Gathakal, Delhi: A Soliloquy describes the experiences of a Malayali youth, Sahadevan, in Delhi. It speaks about several key moments in Independent India’s history, as seen from the protagonist’s perspective – including the Emergency and the Sikh genocide.

“Delhi: A Soliloquy by M Mukundan speaks with grace and poise of the large lives of small people in a city with a broken soul,” chair Sara Rai said.


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