First Asian Writers Forum kicks off in Kazakh Capital


Nur Sultan – The First Asian Writers Forum kicks off in the Kazakhstan capital, Nur Sultan. Starting today, the forum will run till Friday (September 4 to 6) with the support of the Kazakhstan President’s Office and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The representatives from all over the world will discuss crucial issues in the field of literature for three days. A media team from MediaHub International and journalists from Arab countries also will be participating.

The first Asian Literature Forum aims to promote and develop literary and cultural relations among the countries of the Asian continent, for more interaction and knowledge of different cultures between those countries, and to exchange experiences with Asian countries on the development of the literary and cultural process in Kazakhstan by expressing the modern image and values.

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260 literary writers and poets from 44 Asian countries is attending the forum, and more than 1,500 dignitaries from around the world, including Nobel laureates, Packer and ASEAN literary prizes, national awards and presidents of writers’ associations, will attend the event.

Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdul Wahed will present a paper that includes an objective comparison between Arabic literature and Kazakh literature in terms of form, content and spread, and focus on modern cultural and literary relations between the two sides.

Dr.Wahed will also present his intellectual and literary vision in the two books issued last January, entitled “The Nazarbayevian Theory” and the second: “Al-Zahir Baybars, a legend neglected by history”.  

The forum seeks to promote a culture of exchange and interaction of knowledge and cultural life in Asian countries.  The aim of the forum is to be a free space that brings together literature, thought, culture, creativity, intellectuals under the umbrella of fraternity, cooperation and creative institutional work in a team spirit.

The first day  began with the plenary session of literature in Asian countries in general and the global problems facing it. It will be followed by a second episode which will be an overview of modern Asian civilization literature. The first day ends with a field tour in the Kazakh capital, Nur Sultan, to see its architectural features and other tourist attractions.

The second day begins with a workshop on the dimensions of literary dialogues in the Asian continent, followed by a mutual meeting between Asian writers for discussion and open dialogues.

This will be followed by the opening ceremony of the Forum of Writers and then performances at the Astana International Opera House.On the third  day, there will be signing of memorandums of cooperation between writers.



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