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Kazakh President announces single electronic library for Asian writers

While opening the First Asian Writer’s Forum that concluded in first week of September, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced the creation of a single electronic library of works by Asian writers.

 “I am sure that the work on the implementation of such initiatives will unite our writers and take Asian literature to a new level,” he added.

Tokayev said that the works of 30 Kazakh writers and 31 poets will be translated and published in six UN languages. These works will be available to 2.5 billion readers in more than 90 countries through the electronic library.

He also announced the establishment of  Asian Giant International Literary award to promote Asian writers.  

 “The history of mankind is impossible without taking into account Arab, Chinese, Indian and Persian civilizations. Despite all the differences, “oriental cultures have always had much in common.” The secret of Asian civilizations is in harmony and not in conflict,” he further added.

The forum gathered 300 writers, including Nobel Prize nominees, Booker and ASEAN winners and winners of creative and national awards from 38 countries. Representatives from all over the world such as China, India, Russia, Iran, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Israel, South Korea, along with countries of Southeast and Central Asia and others discussed crucial issues in the field of literature during the event.

Meanwhile, two famous Saudi writers Yousef Al-Mohaimeed, an award-winning writer and journalist who has published several novels and short story collections in Arabic, and Ahmed Al Mulla, a Saudi poet and director of the Saudi Culture and Arts Society added their valuable contributions to the panel and discussions at the event that concluded on Friday.

While addressing the panel Yousef Al-Muhaimeed, handled the topic about “Combating terrorism with literature”.

“Literature and art constitute an important and effective tool to combat terrorism and radicalism. They are the only means of enhancing peace, coexistence of communities of the world, and acceptance of others with all their different views and ideas,” he said

Amar Mitra (India) Mekhmed Nuri Parmaghsyz, (Turkey), Dmitry Vodenikov (Russia),  Anar Rasyl Razaev (Azerbaijan), Ko Un (South Korea), Muhammad Haji Salleh (Malaysia) and Mend-Ooyo (Mongolia), Ibrahim Nasrallah (Jordan) were the other prominent writers who addressed the panel.

Ahmed Mohammed Al Mulla (Saudi Arabia), Zhusupbek Korgasbek (Kazakhstan), Saud Al Al Sanousi (Kuwait), Dulat Isabekov (Kazhkastan), Khisaham Bustani (Jordan), Esengali Raushanov (Kazakshtan), Khayal Raza (Azerbaijan), Kabdesh Jumadilov (Kazakhstan) and addressed the writers’ workshops during the forum.


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