Friday, December 8, 2023

Watch | ‘Neymar: The Perfect Chaos’ on Netflix

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Neymar: The Perfect Chaos on Netflix
Neymar: The Perfect Chaos on Netflix

On Tuesday, Netflix released ‘Neymar: The Perfect Chaos’, a three-part biographical documentary series about Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Jr., better known as Neymar Jr.

The director of this series, David Charles Rodrigues frequently brings the present-day Neymar to the screen and portrays him as a victim of his circumstances.

The docuseries focused more on the opinions of Neymar’s critics and fans rather than the sport itself.

Watch trailer:

Neymar, who is about to enter his 30s now, has been a sensation since he was 14 years old and temporarily played for Real Madrid.

His journey began in Santos at the age of 17 after making his professional debut for Pelé’s old team.

The documentary Neymar: The Perfect Chaos is discussing a rape accusation against Neymar, which dismissed in 2019.

It also goes through his relationship with his father – how trusting family members with financial decisions can turn out to be a double-edged sword.

Neymar requested his fans to watch the documentary on Netflix by sharing the poster of the web series on twitter.

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