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#HamareAbbaJaan: Protesting Yogi, netizens share emotional stories

At an event in Kushinagar on Sunday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath criticised the previous governments for what he said was “politics of appeasement” — targeting Muslims — and said that only those who were chanting “Abba Jaan” were getting “all the rations in the state before 2017”.

For the second time, Yogi used the Urdu phrase “Abba Jaan” —meaning beloved father— in a demeaning way to insult his opponents. Abba Jaan is used overwhelmingly by Muslims.

Earlier last month Yogi Adityanath used “Abba Jaan” to take a jab at Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Yadav.

Yogi’s use of “Abba Jaan” offended many who choose an online protest to reinstate the sanctity of the words.

“We use #HamareAbbaJaan to show love and respect to our fathers. Since some people can never respect or be a father (that’s a good choice and huge service to humanity BTW), they tend to mock others. Join this protest and post a photo or story of your Abbajaan,” reads the call made by journalist Alishan Jafri.

But the protest out of discontent to Yogi soon had a life on its own. People started to share stories of their relationship with their father, getting emotional most of the time.

Activists, politicians, and prominent figures rallied to share their stories, even making some regret not calling their father “Abba.

Even after Yogi moved on to make new speeches. #HamareAbbaJaan may stay for a while.


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