Sunday, December 3, 2023

Music, dance heal solitude and loneliness amid pandemic

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Nazia Parween

People in this pandemic preferred a number of ways out to keep themselves busy and happy enough to drive away the loneliness. Some baked a cake for themselves while some painted their aloneness using rainbow colors. Some poured their heart out using ink into words while some kept ruling Instagram stories with their new quarantine posts. While some embraced music and dance which helped them in keeping them alive. Music and dance have done wonders for the number of people in this world crisis.

Maliha Tauqeer, a student of Aligarh Muslim University, who was always surrounded by friends is now alone at home in quarantine. She believes that music and dance have kept her alive and motivated in this pandemic. She says “whether it is her workout, virtual parties with friends, from keeping her sane with soothing ghazals to becoming a full-on baraatidancer when alone at home, music, and dance are keeping her going and sane in these difficult times”.

Music and dance bounded people from across the globe during this pandemic. From all the way Italy to India, music brought a sense of togetherness and solidarity. In all over Italy, people have come to their balconies and cheered and sang and while maintaining social distance, one of the worst-hit countries by coronavirus. The world saw how the pandemic locked the people but couldn’t stop them from singing and playing music. Social media was flooded with the netizens grooving to Beyonce’s track “Savage”. While on the other hand, Indian women swayed to the song “kudi nu nachne de”.

Poorvi Gaur, a journalism student, recently came up with a very energetic dance compilation video on the track “kudi nu nachne de”, where beautiful women from different parts of the country whirled together. Although these girls were separated by distance music and dance brought them together. Poorvi says “she had been feeling a little blue during this pandemic, so she decided to come up with this dance compilation and for her, the best part is to watch her one-year-old niece dance every time when the dance video plays on TV.”

Recently a Mumbai based doctor; Richa Negi posted a dance video on the song ‘Garmi’wearing PPE kit. She expressed through the dance how she has no room for negativity while serving the patients in the ‘Garmiful’ but the graceful outfit.

Aman Ajay Pandey, a master’s student, who is now at his home town as universities are shut, says “he finds living with the family at times a bit problematic, therefore he plugs in the earphone and alienates himself from this world and ease.”

Solitude, isolation, loneliness, and seclusion are common among people in this major world pandemic. Mental health has been severely affected. In a situation of Covid-19 alert, our lives have turned completely upside down. People have embraced the norms of social distancing, quarantine, and work from home. In such situations, it is important to keep ourselves at ease by engaging in the activities we love.

Nazia Parween is a journalism student at AJK, MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi.

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