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We apologize . #Refugeeswelcome

  Solvejg Juel Sandberg   
Solvejg Juel Sandberg
Solvejg Juel Sandberg
Campaigning trough news channels in Lebanon against Syrian refugees escaping to Denmark is lack of compassion for people trying to survive and lack of solidarity with the rest of Europe.

Today it has become increasingly shameful, not to be a Dane, but to have elected the new danish government and by that Inger Støjberg. She has just promoted Denmark as a country hostile to refugees, at the worst possible time. What the government is saying, in the message below is; “please find a different country than Denmark and if you do come, we will keep you separated from your family for a whole year and insure you will be financially poor, meaning making your life hard!” As if they have not already experienced hardship, that goes beyond what we can imagine.

Our government is promoting this message in newspapers in Lebanon and sadly it’s not even a joke, as we could only wish it to be. Furthermore this campaign means that Denmark has just showed the rest of Europe, that we have no solidarity with you (sorry guys) even if it was also our military that went to war, (primarily to suck up to the U.S. who by the way is incredibly invisible in this debate about Syrian refugees) The Danish government is sending this message out, at a time where Syrian refugees needs us more than ever! A time where we need to take responsibility for our actions in the Middle East and the following consequences.

People are fleeing to save their life, it’s called survival and is the most basic human instinct. Refugees are not coming to exploit our “welfare system” but to survive – and not helping people should be categorized as a crime against humanity. Refugees need to know, that so many people across Denmark are ready to help them if they come in spite of what out government is communicating …,.

Ps: we apologize on behalf of our government, if they knew better they would do better.

Pps: #Refugeeswelcome




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