Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Topic: Al Shifa Hospital

Gaza war surgeon Ghassan Abu-Sittah elected rector at University of Glasgow

Gaza war surgeon Ghassan Abu-Sittah elected rector at University of Glasgow.

In a week, Israeli army executes 13 children in and near Al-Shifa Hospital: Euro-Med Monitor

The Israeli army has executed 13 children by direct shooting in Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its Gaza City environs, human rights group Euro-Med Monitor...

Gaza: Outrage against Israel runs high as reports of rape, torture and execution came out

Outrage against Israel's horrendous war crimes runs high as Al-Jazeera publishes heart-wrenching testimonies of Palestinians trapped inside the Al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza.

Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital; detention camp, interrogation centre, military barracks and mass grave altogether

A World Health Organization team that inspected Gaza’s Al-Shifa Hospital on Saturday described it as a “death zone.”

Al-Shifa Hospital under siege, babies in incubators begin to die

Newborn Palestinian babies in incubators are beginning to die as Israeli forces put Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital under total siege and power blackout, several Gaza-based...

Gaza: Israel bombs convoy of wounded Palestinians outside Shifa Hospital

The Israeli military bombed a medical convoy carrying critically wounded Palestinians near Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, killing and injuring dozens. Early graphic visuals show...