Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Topic: Asianet News

Channel ban: Don’t cross the diktats is the message

It is heartening to learn that the channels have resumed telecast when I sit down to write this. But the decision of the central government to ban these channels from telecasting was outrageous, an affront attack on the freedom of the press

Two channels, banned for reporting on Delhi anti-Muslim violence, back on air

Asianet News and MediaOne TV - that were banned for 48 hours on Friday over their coverage of last week's Delhi anti-Muslim violence are back on air.

Malayalam channels MediaOne, Asianet News, barred for 48 hours for ‘critical of RSS and police’ in coverage of Delhi violence

“The channel also reported that violence took place mostly in Muslim dominated areas of Chand Bagh, Delhi. While telecasting the news, the channel carried the news of stone-pelting, arson and injured people being taken to hospital,” the order adds.