Monday, December 11, 2023

Topic: California

California Assembly passes bill to ban caste discrimination

California moved closer to becoming the first U.S. state to ban caste discrimination after a bill to outlaw the caste practise passed the California Assembly late on Monday,

US: California Senate passes bill which bans casteism, with 34 to 1

The California Senate has passed bill #SB403, which prohibits caste discrimination, with an overwhelming majority of 34-1, making California the first state in the US to implement an anti-caste law.

Meet US senator Aisha Wahab who faces Islamophobic slurs for introducing anti-caste bill

Aisha Wahab, the California state lawmaker said she received threats and Islamophobic slurs after introducing a bill on March 22 in the California State Senate against caste discrimination.

US based Hindu group opposes inclusion of caste in non-discrimination policy

Hindu American Foundation, a US-based Hindu advocacy group, is opposing the California State University's inclusion of caste in their non-discrimination policy, calling the move...