Sunday, December 3, 2023

Topic: Citizenship amendment bill

Ours was first protest to take initiative against Covid19: CAA protesters of Shahi Idgah

Given the absence of public health awareness campaigns, demonstrations, facilitators or materials, she says theirs was the first protest to take initiative against the virus. They made their own hand sanitisers (100 mL spirit per 2L distilled water) at a time when pharmacists were hiking prices or running low, and following WHO protocols they demonstrated the necessary hygiene and distancing precautions for protestors.

Resume our protest after Covid19 under control: Shaheen Bagh protesters

Muslim women protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at Shaheen Bagh were removed by the Delhi Police on Tuesday morning amid the coronavirus lockdown in the national capital.

Citizenship Act: Muslim singularization and the denial of the political

The ongoing anti CAA/NRC/NPR movement has at some point faced an intense controversy over its language and expression. The amount of writing produced during this debate has marked the public anxiety about the expression (in turn the identity) of the entire movement by which a demand for its ‘domestication’ through the nationalist rhetorical foundation arouse. What does this entail?

Anti-CAA protest by women of Jamia Nagar outside Jamia Millia completes 94 days

The anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protest at Jamia Millia Islamia on 19th March 2020 completed its 94 days and is being considered one of the longest continuous protests against discriminatory citizenship acts across the country.

At Kolkata’s Park Circus, Muslim women’s sit-in protest keeps the protest against CAA going

The protest is not merely against NRC-NPR-CAA, the protest is for asserting their status as equal Indians and claiming their dignity which the Indian state has denied them time and again.

Anti-Muslim violence in Delhi: Furqan died due to bullet injury

Furqan Ansari, 32, has died due to bullet injuries during the violence led by Delhi Police and supporters of CAA against Muslims in North East Delhi on Monday.