Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Topic: Court

Thumbs-up emoji sent on text message can represent contract agreement, rules Canadian court

A Canadian court has ruled that the “thumbs-up” emoji is just as valid as a signature, arguing that courts need to adapt to the “new reality” of how people communicate. Judge TJ Keene of the King's Bench for Saskatchewan ordered a farmer to pay $61,442 for an unfulfilled contract.

Maharashtra: Court orders Muslim man to offer namaz 5 times a day, plant trees after conviction in road accident brawl

A magistrate court in Maharashtra's Malegaon convicted a Muslim man in a road accident brawl case and ordered him to offer namaz five times a day and plant two trees as conditions for his release on admonition, instead of undergoing imprisonment, Bar and Bench reported.

Custodial death of Altaf: Allahabad HC directs second autopsy

The Allahabad High Court on Thursday directed a second autopsy of the body of Muslim youth Altaf -who was died during police custody in Uttar Pradesh's Kasganj- by a team of doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.

‘How can you decide what I eat? Because someone in power thinks…?: Gujarat HC

"You don't like non-veg food, it is your lookout. How can you decide what people should eat outside? How can you stop people from eating what they want?", asks Gujarat High Court to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation while hearing a plea filed by street vendors who have been prohibited from selling non-vegetarian food on the streets of Ahmedabad.

Active member of Hindu mob; Court finds man guilty in Delhi pogrom case

A Delhi court on Monday convicted a man Dinesh Yadav for being part of a Hindu mob that set a 73-year-old Muslim woman's house on fire during the anti-Muslim pogrom in the national capital in February 2020.

“Nonsense,” Scientists debunk Allahabad HC order to make cow national animal

Allahabad HC judge, Shekhar Kumar Yadhav in a judgment said that 'scientists believe cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen.' The scientific world disagrees and is worried about the frequent endorsement of unscientific practices from the power centers.