Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Topic: Delhi Minorities Commission

Reports of Delhi Minorities Commission, other rights groups on Delhi pogrom ‘fake’, Union tells HC

The Union government has filed an affidavit before the Delhi High Court denouncing the practice of some rights groups and other 'vested interests' constituting 'extra-judicial commissions' to investigate northeast Delhi pogrom 2020 and create narratives which may lead to 'social and political unrest'.

Police took down their pants, pointed genitals at us, and said, ‘take freedom’: Muslim women in northeast Delhi

According to a fact-finding report by the Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) on violence in northeast Delhi, Delhi Police had sexually assaulted Muslim women who were protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Police joined Hindu mob in Delhi pogrom, says fact-finding report of Delhi Minorities Commission

Delhi Police allowed Hindu mobs to roam the streets freely to target the Muslim community during the northeast Delhi violence and even joined them in attacking local Muslim residents of the region, a fact-finding report by the Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) said on Thursday.

Maktoob journalist Shaheen Abdulla wins Delhi Minorities Commission Award

Maktoob journalist Shaheen Abdulla won the Delhi Minorities Commission Award in the print and electronic media category on Monday.

Muslim leaders demand withdrawal of FIR against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan

Leaders of prominent Muslim organizations including Jamiat Ulema e Hind, Milli Ittehad Council, Bareilly, and Jamaat e Islami Hind have issued a joint statement for condemning the police action and demanding to withdraw the FIR registered against Chairman of the Delhi Minorities Commission Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan.

‘Tweet not deleted, I stand by it’ says Dr Zafarul Islam Khan

Minority Commission chairman Dr Zafarul Islam Khan on Sunday refuted the claims of his apology for the tweet which earned him sedition charges. His...