Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Topic: Farmer protest

Farmers protest: Seventh death reported, farmers hold rail roko protests at 85 places in Punjab

Baldev Singh, a protesting farmer, died on Monday due to breathing issues while receiving treatment at Rajindra Hospital. This marks the seventh farmer death in the last 26 days of the ongoing farmers' protest.

Farmers call for a grand protest on March 6, will travel to Delhi on buses and trains

Farmers groups on Sunday announced that they will enter a more intense phase of agitation on March 6. The unions and organisations leading the protests...

“10 pellets hit my face and one went deep inside my left eye…”: Farmers targeted with pellet guns

On 21 February, protesting farmers and labourers completed nine days since they marched to Shambu border and were stopped by Haryana Police from entering Haryana. Tear gas, rubber bullets and pellets were fired at the peaceful unarmed protestors injuring scores of people.

24-year-old farmer killed in Haryana police violence at Khanauri border

A 24-year-old protester died from a head injury after Haryana Police dropped tear gas shells on protesting farmers at the Khanauri border. Shubh Karan Singh was taken to the hospital where he died; the hospital sources confirmed.

Farmer protest: Haryana Police fire tear gas as Delhi march resumes

Tear gas shells were fired by Haryana security personnel on Wednesday after some young farmers heading towards the multi-layered barricades at the Shambhu border...

“Betrayal brought us back,” protesting farmers vow to march to Delhi

At Shambu border, a bridge divides farmers and the state. It is fortified with cement walls, spikes, barbed wires and containers. On the Haryana...