Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Hyderabad: BJP candidate booked after asking burqa-clad women to lift veil to check identity

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hyderabad candidate Madhavi Latha was booked on Monday for asking burqa-clad women to lift the veil to check their identity at...

One year of ethnic violence in Manipur: Kuki-Zo Community Members in Hyderabad hold memorial gathering

With the ethnic violence in Manipur completing a year, the Hyderabad Unau Tribal Forum (HUTF), organised a commemorative event in solidarity with the victims on Friday.

BJP’s Hyderabad candidate booked for hurting religious sentiments

An FIR was registered against the BJP's Hyderabad candidate K Madhavi Latha following a complaint that she hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community by gesturing to shoot an arrow towards a mosque.

Video of Hyderabad woman pushing away BJP’s Madhavi Latha during campaign goes viral

A video of a woman ignoring BJP candidate Madhavi Latha during the campaign went viral, sparking discussions and mixed reactions on social media. BJP candidate...

Hyderabad: BJP candidate ‘shooting arrow’ at Masjid stirs controversy

A video of Madhavi Latha, the BJP candidate for the Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat, surfaced on the internet, in which she was seen miming as shooting an arrow at a Masjid during a rally.

Rohingya group urges for protection after killing of 39-year-old refugee in Hyderabad

Mohammed Ibrahim, a 39-year-old Rohingya refugee from Myanmar, was killed in front of his residence at Wadi-e-Shaheen in Hyderabad on Sunday. He was stabbed...