Monday, December 4, 2023

Topic: Islamophobia in India

Why Muslimness overturn well-being of secularism?

On the last week of December, eight young Muslim students in Government Pre-University College in Udupi district of Karnataka had barred from entering the...

Hijab becomes litmus test for Indian secularism debate

The Genocide Watch recently predicted a brewing genocide in India. One such sign could be seen in Karnataka’s Udupi district where for the last...

Inside India’s Clubhouse of Islamophobia

The Clubhouse app gives Hindutva factions an open platform to spread hatred against minorities, particularly Muslims.

Haridwar anti-Muslim gathering: Pakistan summons Indian diplomat

Pakistan on Monday summoned a diplomat from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to talk about their concerns after Hindutva leaders and Hindu monks in Haridwar called for Muslim genocide in the country.

Dire need for an Anti-Islamophobia Act in India

Speaking to Maktoob, Political Anthropologist Sharib Ali said that India needs an anti- islamophobia law that pays attention to the context of hate against Muslims in India.

Right of Muslim to dignified life: a constitutional chimera in Islamophobic India

Over the past few years, the temporal and spatial occurrences of such Islamophobic gatherings have proliferated.