Friday, April 19, 2024

Topic: Kashmiri Journalist

Civil society groups call for unconditional release of Kashmiri journalist Irfan Mehraj

On the first anniversary of his arrest, civil society organisations on Wednesday called for the immediate and unconditional release of Kashmiri journalist and human...

“Process as punishment”: Press Club of India condemns arrest of Kashmiri journalist Asif Sultan

The Press Club of India and Press Association on Monday released a statement expressing their concern over the unfair incarceration of award-winning Kashmiri journalist...

Kashmiri journalist Asif Sultan walks out of jail after 2011 days in prison

Kashmiri journalist Asif Sultan was released from Ambedkar Nagar district jail in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday, ending a five-year-long incarceration.

Weeks after PSA quashment, Kashmir journalist Sajad Gul remains in jail

Kashmiri journalist Sajad Gul’s Public Safety Act was quashed by the Jammu & Kashmir High Court on 19 November last year. But even after...

“Insufficient evidence”: Kashmiri journalist Fahad Shah gets bail after 21 months, to walk out of jail soon

After being granted bail by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court last week, Kashmiri journalist and editor Fahad Shah is expected to be released soon.

Hindutva campaign: Pune institute revokes award for Kashmiri journalist amidst last-minute

Kashmiri journalist Safina Nabi, who had been chosen as the recipient of a media award established by the journalism school at Pune's Maharashtra Institute of Technology-World Peace University (MIT-WPU), received an unexpected disappointment when her award was abruptly revoked just before the scheduled presentation ceremony at the institute.