Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Topic: Law and Order

In UP, judiciary is under pressure: Lawyer Abubakr Sabbaq

Ahead of UP State Assembly elections, Maktoob speaks to Sabbaq on law enforcement, judiciary and the spiking lawlessness in the state.

All branches of govt collapsed in UP: Former bureaucrats in open letter

In an open letter, the bureaucrats highlighted Uttar Pradesh’s use of criminal charges to crush dissent including the anti-CAA movements, extrajudicial killings in the state, misuse of anti-conversion laws against Muslims and other minority communities, legitimisation of vigilantes and shortcomings in COVID-19 management.

Same symptoms, different cures

When it comes to Muslim subjects, the law fails to function normally. This Hindu privilege is the standard, surpassing all political leanings and ideologies, crimes and professions. The laws work on the basis of Hindu standard, serving more or less justice to good or bad Hindus. For Muslims, it has never been imagined and thus is left to the mercy of the one who’s enforcing or practicing the law.

The trial of Chicago 7: An indictment for carrying “certain” ideas

The Netflix original film is based on the “political” trial of eight activists who were indicted for the conspiracy to cross the state lines to incite riots. The anti-Vietnam war demonstrations took place in Chicago in 1968 at the National Democratic Convention.

UAPA Amendment Act: India to create permanent national security state at the expense of human rights

Adhil Saifudheen Introduction Indian Parliament recently passed an amendment to Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (Hereinafter UAPA), which allows the executive to designate Individual as ‘Terrorist without...

Mob lynching and law: Manipur’s legal inquisition to discover antidote to mob violence

This article endeavor to discuss the fundamental question whether the ‘The Manipur Protection from Mob Violence Act, 2018’,(Hereinafter ‘Act’)is model for the effective legal tool against the increasing mob violence in India.