Friday, May 24, 2024

Topic: Love

I found a letter in his book

It's the Corona epidemic time. The Indian government has strictly asked people to self-isolate themselves (something known as 'quarantine' in a more exotic term). Basically, it's next to impossible to go on the roads. Meet a friend. Or see any relatives. Today, I got his books. From his relative – Ranjan Kaka's – home. These are homes and hearts I've got an unsolicited full access to (without any questioning). Access I didn't ask for. An access I always longed for but one (specifically this one) that didn't belong to me.

Simple and aching: ’96

With no spoilers given, let me assert that the film will leave you hanging, incomplete and hoping for something more to come, maybe even a cliché ending we have seen and is ever seen to. 

These Nayyirah Waheed Poems About Love Are Really Awesome

Nayyirah Waheed is a U.S.-based writer who started writing at the age of 11 when her teacher gave a poetry assignment to her class. She published her first book of poetry, titled Salt, in September of 2013. However, since publishing her poems on the Internet, she has amassed a huge following on social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr

To The Man Who Wants A Woman To Bleed Red On Their First Night…

When she was 15, her boyfriend wasn't her lover. He was a thief, stole her first kiss.

You Cannot Get Through This Facebook Post Without Shedding a Tear

This heartbreaking story narrated by an International photographer GMB Akash has gone viral in Social Media.You cannot get through this Facebook post without shedding a tear.