Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Topic: Rima Kallingal

Kerala: Government and film industry comes forward to constitute Internal Complaints Committee at film sets

The Kerala government is going to mandate the formation of internal complaints committee in film industry as WCC has urged its creation since the collective's inception

I have a FISH TO FRY , Hijabi Ninja talks

' Indian Actress Rima Kalingal and her recent Tedx Talks made social media go all fishy in the wrong way, and here is what I had to say about it, verse style! '  Hijabi Ninja talks. 

‘How Long do You Stay Silent?’ Here’s The Full Transcript of Rima Kallingal’s TEDx Talk

' We might not be around to see it, but we will be the one who sowed the seeds for them. This is a call of duty for us and our questions are our seeds of change. Let us all come together and promise to ask all the questions that our past generations could not ask so that our future generations will not have to ask them.'