Friday, March 1, 2024

Topic: Solidarity statement

Hijab ban: Over 500 lawyers affirm “unconditional support” to Muslim students

On Tuesday, over 500 lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals have strongly condemned "the violation of constitutional rights of young Muslim women who have been denied entry into educational spaces due to their wearing a hijab” in an open letter with total 765 signatories.

Republic of repression

On this day, let us pledge to carry forward the spirit of Kisaan Andolan, Anti CAA - NRC movement, and other democratic peoples’ struggles and fearlessly challenge this republic of repression.

Prominent international figures urge release of human rights defenders in India

Over 50 eminent international figures including members of several European parliaments academics, lawyers, Nobel laureates, civil society leaders, and diasporic organisations have signed a joint statement urging the Indian government to show compassion and responsibility in the current Covid emergency, and call upon the authorities to release all arrested human rights defenders into safe conditions in the light of the dire threats to their health given the spread of Covid in Indian prisons.