Friday, December 8, 2023

Topic: women

Majority of women live in countries with large gender gaps, UN report reveals

Low women’s empowerment and large gender gaps are commonplace in many parts of the world, the UN’s lead agencies on gender equality and international development said in a new report published on Tuesday.

“Nudity shouldn’t be tied to sex”: Kerala HC cancels case against woman

The Kerala High Court on Monday discharged Rehana Fathima, a women's rights activist, in a POCSO case, saying that “the right of a woman to make autonomous decisions about her body is at the very core of her fundamental right to equality and privacy.”

Women dominate top ranks in UPSC Civil Services 2022 final result

This year too, women have dominated the top ranks in UPSC Civil Services results. Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N and Smriti Mishra have secured the top four ranks, respectively in the UPSC 2022 results announced on Tuesday.

Police brutality against women in Tughlakabad: Residents reel from trauma of demolished homes

As the residents of Delhi’s Tughlakabad still reel with the trauma of losing their homes last week when their houses were demolished Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), women in the area have alleged they were thrashed and detained for hours by the police on May 9.

One pregnant woman or newborn dies every 7 seconds: UN report

The report shows that over 4.5 million women and babies die every year during pregnancy, childbirth or the first weeks after birth, equivalent to one death happening every seven seconds, mostly from preventable or treatable causes if proper care was available.

Digital technology new source of discrimination against women: UN

Guterres noted that digital technology – the product of an industry that is predominantly male - represents a new source of discrimination and bias.