Sunday, December 3, 2023

Video: Students speak on online classes

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Danish Pandit & Srijan Chawla

In the Month of March educational Institutions conducted the rest of the semester online across nation. Digital learning was promoted due to the spread of Covid – 19 pandemic. Universities are now again releasing notices to conduct their upcoming semester online, the decision being ignorant of the fact that it excludes a lot more students who reside in low connectivity zones or are unable to purchase required devices to attend these classes.

India suffers through a digital divide, an online curriculum thus resulting into restricting knowledge with the privileged. We are also witnessing an increase in suicides amongst students due to not being able to become a part of digital curriculums. Those enrolled in practical courses are also having their reservations with the realisation that their learning will be highly compromised with, thereby resulting in unjust opportunities in the work sphere further on. Students thereby demand to be taken in confidence when their educational future is being decided upon.

Danish Pandit and Srijan Chawla are students of AJK MCRC in Jamia Millia Islamia.

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