Saturday, December 2, 2023

First-of-its-kind sculpture celebrating women in hijabs: ‘Strength of the Hijab’ unveiled in UK

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“Strength of the Hijab”, a new sculpture designed by Luke Perry, will be installed in the Smethwick area of the West Midlands in United Kingdom in October.

Believed to be the world’s first sculpture celebrating women who wear hijabs, it stands at 16ft and weighs approximately a tonne.

“It is a woman’s right to be loved and respected whatever she chooses to wear. Her true strength is in her heart and mind,” read a text on the sculpture.

The art work was commissioned by Legacy West Midlands, a registered charity which celebrates the heritage of post-war migrant communities in Birmingham.

“The Strength of the Hijab is a piece which represents women who wear hijabs of the Islamic faith, and it’s really there because it’s such an underrepresented part of our community, but such an important one,” BBC quoted Perry as saying.

“It was important to represent everyone who lived in the UK,” Perry said.

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