Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hamas says Israeli tanks retreated from Gaza City’s outskirts

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The Israeli tanks approaching the outskirts of Gaza City have now retreated, according to the head of the Hamas government office in Gaza.

The tanks had reached Salah al-Din Street, a distance of about 3km (1.86 miles) from the Gaza fence, Al Jazeera reported.

“There’s absolutely no ground advance inside the residential neighbourhoods in the Gaza Strip. What happened on Salah al-Din Street was the incursion of a few occupation army tanks and a bulldozer,” Hamas’ Salama Maarouf said in a statement.

“These vehicles targeted two civilian cars on Salah al-Din Street and bulldozed the street before the resistance forced them to retreat. There is currently no presence of occupation army vehicles on Salah al-Din Road, and citizen movement has returned to normal on the road.”

On Monday, a few Israeli tanks and a bulldozer advanced into the Salah al-Din Street to the south of Gaza City starting from the border area of Juhor al-Deek, about 4 km southeast of Gaza City.

“Salah al-Din Street is approximately 3 kilometres away from the Israeli segregation barrier into the Gaza Strip. There are no residential buildings or houses there; the area consists of empty or uninhabited agricultural land. The location is fragile regarding military and security significance,” Quds News Network reported.

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