Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kazakhstan: 164 killed, 5,000 arrested during riots

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At least 164 people were killed and 5,000 arrested in Kazakhstan after the riots that shook Central Asia’s largest country over the past week.

The initial estimates put property damage at about 175 million euros ($198m) after the deadly violence, according to the interior ministry.

“Today the situation is stabilised in all regions of the country,” Interior Minister Erlan Turgumbayev said, adding nonetheless “the counterterror operation is continuing in a bid to re-establish order in the country”.

Russia’s Sputnik news agency said there were two children among kiled.
103 people had died in Kazakhstan’s main city of Almaty, where the worst of the violence took place.

The death toll is expected to increase.

5,135 people have been detained for questioning as part of 125 separate investigations into the unrest.

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