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Miracle rescue: 10-year-girl, 13-year-boy, two women saved after 183 hours in Turkey

Rescuers saved a 10-year-old girl child, a 13-year-old boy, and at least two women from the rubble in Gaziantep and Hatay in Turkey, 183 hours after a devastating earthquake shook the region.

Rescuers continue to pull out more survivors from the rubble in Turkey and Syria as the death toll from last week’s earthquakes topped 36,000. The quakes have killed at least 31,643 people in Turkey as of Monday and 4,614 people in Syria.

Rescue workers saved a 10-year girl from the rubble of an apartment block in the southern Turkish province of Kahramanmaras on Monday, a week after the earthquake, state broadcaster TRT Haber reports.

Rescuers also saved an alive 13-year-old boy from under the rubble of a collapsed building in Hatay province. The teenager held a rescuer’s hand as he was placed on a stretcher, head braced, and covered for warmth before he was moved into an ambulance, TRT World reported.

Rescue workers embraced one another after rescuing 70-year-old Nuray Gurbuz from the rubble of a collapsed 3-story- building 178 hours after the earthquakes.

Twenty-six-year-old Derya Akdogan has been rescued from under the rubble of a collapsed building 177 hours after the two earthquakes hit Türkiye and Syria. 

A minister and media reports said a young girl named Miray was also rescued from the rubble of an apartment block in the southeastern Turkish city of Adiyaman 178 hours after two devastating earthquakes.

Turkish local media said the girl was six years old and that rescuers were also close to reaching her older sister.

Emergency service workers rescued a Turkish woman, Naide Umay, in Hatay after 175 hours under the rubble. 


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