Russia has lost 23,000 soldiers in ‘senseless war’: Zelenskyy

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has claimed that Russia had lost more than 23,000 soldiers in what he described as a “senseless war.”

Speaking in his night time video address, Zelenskyy said Ukraine had destroyed more than a thousand Russian tanks, almost 200 planes, and nearly two and a half thousand armoured vehicles during the conflict.

Zelensky switched into Russian in his nightly video address to urge Russian soldiers not to fight in Ukraine, saying even their generals expected that thousands of them would die

He said that “thousands more Russian soldiers will be killed and thousands wounded in the coming weeks.”

Zelensky claimed that Russia has been recruiting new troops “with little motivation and little combat experience” for the units that were gutted during the early weeks of the war so these units can be thrown back into battle.

Meanwhile Moscow has so far confirmed the death of more than a thousand Russian soldiers and has put the number of Ukrainian fighters killed at more than 23,000.

The Defence Ministry in Moscow earlier on Saturday said that more than 2,600 Ukrainian tanks and armoured vehicles, around 650 drones as well as 142 aircraft and 112 helicopters had been put out of action.