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“We are not present among civilians, come and fight us”, new Hamas video exposes Israel’s blatant lies

The media wing of Al-Qassam Brigades on Wednesday released a five-minute combat footage explaining the position of resistance fighters in the ongoing war.

The video shows how instead of facing the fighters on the battlefield, the Israeli army desperately continues to attack hospitals, and residential complexes and massacre civilians.

Unlike the old videos, the current release contains a detailed commentary by a field commander, who could be heard talking in praise of the integrity of the resistance fighters.

The commander also exposes the genocidal motive of the Israeli army, which avoids confrontation with resistance fighters and engages in cowardly attacks on homes, hospitals and displaced people.  

According to the commander, all the fighters are now stationed in areas from where people have been evacuated due to the ruthless ground and air strikes carried out by the Israeli military.

“The enemy thinks that it kills civilians because we (the fighters) are present among civilians. No actually, we, as fighters, are in an area completely devoid of civilians. This despicable enemy has no power against us as men on the battlefield, the battlefield which (the enemy) specified its location, and the field from which they commanded people to evacuate. And the people did evacuate. And we came for (the enemy) in the place that they evacuated,” the commander said as scenes of Al-Qassam fighters clashing with IOF vehicles and soldiers on the axes of the city of Khan Younis are played in the background.

The response of Hamas, in video form, comes at a time when Israeli forces repeat the “Hamas hideout” allegations to target Nasser Hospital as how they did in the case of Al Shifa and other hospitals earlier.

“But this cowardly and criminal enemy goes and kills our children in their homes— their safe homes—our wives, our women, our children, and the children of the people, the children of the society. They kill them with F-16s and grill their flesh. They bully women and the elderly and civilians in their homes, their safe homes,” the commander added.

According to the commander, the occupation army is reluctant to face the resistance fighters. He asks Israeli soldiers to stay away from civilians including children and women, and calls for direct combat instead.

“However, we as fighters are here on the battlefield. Come. Let us show you how to deal with men, by Allah’s will… This enemy lies. And it deceives people by claiming that it bombs homes to kill Hamas leaders and Al-Qassam fighters. Al-Qassam fighters, here they are, all of them are in their advanced combat readiness, awaiting the enemy in the places that the enemy commanded the evacuation of,” he said.

Hamas has not changed its position and still insists on putting an end to the war. But Israel, devoid of any humanitarian concern, is not ready to accept any sensible plan of action contributing to the end of war.

However, the leadership of the Palestinian resistance has made it clear that if the occupation forces are adamant about proceeding with the genocidal war on Palestinians, the resistance fighters will stay on the battleground in defence.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 28,576 Palestinians have been killed, 68,291 wounded and 8,000 missing in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.


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