Half sleeve? I suppose I don’t have one!

Tenaaz Mohazin

The All India Pre Medical/Pre Dental Entrance Test 2016 is scheduled to May 1st which is hardly 2 weeks away. A good number of students preparing to sit for the exam is at despair. Ripping off one’s personal attire for the sake of making one’s dream is really a stumper .In contrary to the comment made by the High Court Judge, ego is not the barrier here, but it’s the faith which they have to undress for 3 hours.

Despite the protest conducted in the state by few Student Organizations , CBSE seems to consider the matter too small in size. Oh yes, India is a democratic country! Does that make any difference to the arrogant syllabus that’s been teaching the nation for 53 years? The 7th grade NCERT SPL(Social and Political Life ) textbook itself embrace the rights and freedom owned by a citizen and governments owe to their people. The funniest part here is Central Board Of Secondary Education itself denotes their pupil from enjoying these rights. Will it be mistaken if I label this act as “teaching hypocrisy”?

A strand of hope revolves around the students preparing hard for the test, whether a Muslim, Sikh or Nun because the question mark raised upon them is the answer to their faith and freedom. The previous year two Muslim girls were allowed to write the test covering their body upon the court’s restricted order. However, the believing hearts are now hoping an order from the state high court similar to the verdict of Andhra Pradesh.

Moreover, if CBSE does not withdraw or make secular changes to the circular published ,the most bright, sharp and dignified young doctors will be missed, gapping a place for building and using distributive talents and services for a developing Country .The restriction is simply trying to put an end to “Unity in Diversity”. The dictatorial image being created by the government and its systems will be ultimately crushed by these youth itself.

The pursuit of expectations( of students) demands a sensible solution to this problem . Revising rules does not mean the board is liberalizing a very competitive examination .But it just means to act democratically by a giving a consenting nod to what the board has been teaching us at school ever since. Like so many worried parents, brothers, and sisters I am only a friend of someone who scored 97% of marks in 12th grade and is hoping that the board will let her wear hijab, respecting her ideology.

Tenaaz Mohazin – Freelance columnist, Bmmc student, Farook Collge 

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